Hamza Butt

Hamza Butt

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First Name * Hamza
Last Name * Butt
Username * hamz
Country * United Kingdom
City South West London
Nationality British
Languages English


Current Position Modeller
Areas of Expertise VFX
Preferred Tools 3ds maxCharactersCombustionCompositingMAYAModelingPhotoshopPremiereRiggingTexturingZBrushShakeSOFTIMAGE|XSIUnix Shell Script



I hold a BA (Hons) degree in computer animation and thrive on working in a dynamic, challenging team environment under highly pressurised conditions.

As well as working on my own initiative with little or no supervision, I can work quickly to a high standard and to challenging deadlines.

I am willing to work beyond normal working hours and to help other team members in order to complete deadlines. I enjoy developing solutions to overcome problems and I am confident in presenting such findings as well as new ideas to team members.

Since a young age I have been passionate about this industry, and highly motivated in obtaining the skills needed to be a part of it. This industry relies very much on the technical expertise of the people that work in it. As well as being competent in this area, I first and foremost am an artist. Artists pride themselves in the work they create, ensuring that everything is completed to a high standard of quality. Anything less would be unacceptable.

My time at The Moving Picture Company has meant that I have worked with some of the best artists in the industry and at a high level. I hope to bring that experience and quality of work to your company.

I have recently completed work on the film 10,000 BC, in which I was responsible for modelling almost the entire Giza pyramid sequence, which is regarded as being the main environment sequence in the film. I have also finished work on Fred Claus where a lot of the main environment work was produced by myself.

In between the two films, I modelled the mobile phone for the latest Motorola advert for their R8 product, and am currently working on another mobile phone commercial, before I am due to start work on The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian.